22-24 October 2021
Online at St. Francis Xavier University
America/Halifax timezone

Presentation and Competition Winners

Mathematics and Statistics Research Talks

Science Atlantic Communication Award

Dylan Smith, Memorial University of Newfoundland

An Analysis of Population Persistence in Y-Shaped River Networks

First Place Statistics Research Talk

Andrew Pearce, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Multiple Observers Ranked Set Samples for Shrinkage Estimators

First Place Mathematics Research Talk

Amanda Porter, Mount Allison University

Reconfiguration Graphs and Dominating Sets

Second Place Mathematics Research Talk

Eli Vandenberg, Mount Allison University

Geophysical Inversion for Flood Risk Management

Third Place Mathematics Research Talk

Meredith Cudmore-Keating, St. Francis Xavier University

Distinguishing Number of Graphs Generated by the Symmetry Groups Dn

Mathematics Problem Solving Competition

First Place

Team 19: Sam Bauer and Anders Cornect

Memorial University of Newfoundland 

Second Place (Tie)

Team 5: Damien LeBlanc and Patrick Lapierre

Université de Moncton

Team 7: Anthony Nguyen and Bao Nguyen

University of New Brunswick

Honourable Mention

Team 16: Peter Graves-Akerley and Alexander Saunders

Saint Mary's University

Four other teams finished within 6 points of 2nd place.

Computer Science Research Talks

Science Atlantic Communication Award 

Justin Gray, Saint Mary’s University

The Practical Efficiency of Regular Expression Membership Algorithms

First Place Research Talk

Emmanuel Blay, University of Prince Edward Island

Improving The TLS Client Puzzle Extension's Design Against DDoS Attacks

Second Place Research Talk

Mengyu Zang, University of Prince Edward Island

Metaheuristic Exploration via Deep Learning Object Localization

Third Place Research Talk

Dakota Staples, University of New Brunswick

Multilingual Phishing Email Detection Using Federated Learning

Programming Competition

First Place

Team (10)*: Crystal Sharpe, Logan Pipes, Matthew MacLean

Mount Alison University

Second Place

Team Panthers-MEM: Essayas Kassa, Moshiur Rahman, Mamnoon Sami

University of Prince Edward Island

Third Place

Team Tracer: Bivash Pandey, Sudeep Raj Badal, Tushar Mahat

Saint Mary’s University

Four teams tied with the number of solved problems and the tie had to be broken with total time.