22-24 October 2021
Online at St. Francis Xavier University
America/Halifax timezone

Mathematics Competition

The Science Atlantic Mathematics Competition will be written locally,  2 PM - 5 PM, on Saturday, October 23 (2:30 PM - 5:30 PM in NL local time).

Each university should have an invigilator to supervise (in person) their teams.

Each university may enter as many teams of two undergraduate students each as they wish.  One student may write alone if the total number of interested students is odd.

The invigilator shall arrange for a room large enough for all teams to write in (if a second room is needed, an assistant invigilator shall supervise it).

All teams should ideally be registered by 9 AM (ADT on Friday, October 22). Teams can be registered by a simple email to sfinbow@stfx.ca.  Late registrations may be considered.  Include the invigilator's email address and an alternate address or phone number; only names and team pairings are needed for students. Teams may assign themselves a nom de guerre which we will try to use in announcements.

The question paper will be emailed as a PDF to the invigilator on Friday afternoon. The invigilator is responsible for making one copy per student. No copies shall be distributed to anybody else until papers have been submitted.

Team members may collaborate among themselves but not with anybody else, in or out of the contest. No reference books, notes, phones, computers, etc are permitted.

Teams will be assigned a team number; they will identify their answers with this (written on each page) and in no other way.

Teams will be given their question sheets at the specified starting time (simultaneous across the region) and hand their answers to the invigilator at the specified stopping time.

Each answer by each team shall be scanned by the invigilator and submitted as a separate email, with subject line SA21-[Q#]-[T#] where Q# is question number and T# team number. E.g., an answer to Q5 by Team 102 will be mailed as SA21-5-102. This should take place within one hour of the end of writing. Please adhere to this; it is important for getting the questions to the graders fast!

Graders will be selected ahead of time if possible. The organizers will forward all emails beginning SA21-N to the grader of question N.  Graders will keep these emails until after the contest judging is over, then delete them. Graders will send marks out of 10, tabulated with team number, to the organizers. In the case of a tight decision, graders may be asked to do a closer grading of a few papers, or organizers may do this themselves.

Results will be announced at the end of the conference (Sunday at 1 PM, 1:30 PM in NL). Prizes will be awarded for the top three teams.