22-24 October 2021
Online at St. Francis Xavier University
America/Halifax timezone

Computer Science Competition

The contest will be held virtually at https://atlantic-canada21.kattis.com using Kattis on October 23 from 1:30PM to 6:30PM (pending confirmation). There will be a pre-contest briefing starting at 1:10PM. A link will be provided closer to the contest.

Prizes will be given this year.

To register a team, email Milton King at mking@stfx.ca with each team’s information by Monday October 18. Information must include the type of data in the following example:






Mary Smith


Uber Programmers



Fredrik Niemelä


Super 1337 Team



Mikael Goldmann


Super 1337 Team



The information can be sent as an Excel sheet with the same column headings or as plaintext in the email.

Students are required to have an Open Kattis account (https://open.kattis.com), and the email address associated with a student's Open Kattis account should be the same as the email address in the registration information for that student."

The organization of team members, physically or virtually, should be whatever is appropriate for each university in light of its COVID policies. Coaches may not assist their teams during the contest.

Each contestant can be in a different location and can use their own computer and system setup. With up to three team members, this means that each team will have access to up to three computers, and the team members can use them simultaneously.

Contestants, on their honour, are to refrain from searching online for preexisting solutions or post-contest briefing notes/hints for the problems.

Members within a team can communicate with software like Teams, Zoom, etc). Communication with others is forbidden, on the honour of the contestants.

There is no limit to the number of teams a university can register.

Internet access is allowed, but accessing materials behind a paywall is forbidden.

Use of IDEs is permitted. Setup of computers to work correctly for the contest is the responsibility of the team.

Programming languages that are allowed include: C, C++, Java, Python 2, Python 3, and Kotlin.

The competition’s URL is https://atlantic-canada21.kattis.com